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My favourite reads for October 2023

Check out what I’ve read recently.

Blog visit with author Charlene Newcomb

Guest post: Mythology, are the stories still valid today?

The Olympians take over

Titan struck by lightning by François Dumont (French, 1688-1726)

Books I’ve read recently

Books read in the last few months. I managed to squeeze some reading in!

Q&A with author Charlene Newcomb

A wonderful interview with Charlene Newcomb, fellow historical fiction writer.

Guest blog post by author Kyrie Wang

Alternative history novels are like a game of ‘what-if’. They take our most iconic moments in time and give them an exciting twist.

Rogue Book Blast

Presenting Charlene Newcomb’s latest book, Rogue.

A sorceress with a hidden agenda

Circe was a skillful sorceress who could transform people into animals, create illusions and communicate with the dead.

All in the name of power

The battlelines were drawn. Thus began the war between the Titans and Olympian gods.