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Blog visit with author Charlene Newcomb

Today, I’m visiting with long time friend and fellow historical fiction writer, Charlene Newcomb. Her latest book Rogue, based on the legend of Robin Hood, is a great read and I highly recommend you grab a copy. But before you do, head over to Charlene’s blog to read an article I’ve written.

Hope to see you there! Mythology, are the stories still valid today?

Thank you for visiting!

Ancient History, Greek Mythology, myths and legends

  1. That’s a good question. Lots of people believe in Satan, but the Olympian gods? Not sure about that.

    1. I couldn’t comment because I wasn’t logged in–not sure how that works. Really good article. The idea of trusting gods to be in charge of big decisions–I’m not sure that’s too different than today’s world of trusting governments or individuals to guide us. Not saying good or bad, just I see a comparison. Can I put the gods in charge of COVID and climate change? Take that off man’s plate!

      1. Luciana says:

        I wasn’t able to comment either.
        Thank you 🙂 There are definitely parallels, though I do prefer the myths! Totally, I think the gods would do a better job!!

    2. Luciana says:

      Isn’t it interesting how easily people believe in Satan but scoff at the idea of following the ancient gods? I know which I prefer!

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